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Case Studies

Wanted: one entirely new workforce

When a major financial services company decided to overhaul its entire workforce of debt collection agents, this created one of the most challenging background screening tasks Verifile has ever contended with. Not only was it a mammoth undertaking, it also had to be completed in double-quick time.

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Degree mills: exposing the dangers for over a decade

Across the hundreds of thousands of background checks we run every year, we often come across degree mills. These are predominantly online entities, purporting to be genuine universities, offering ‘life experience’ qualifications, based on little or no real work.

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Improving Aldi’s background screening to streamline recruitment

An innovative business that’s growing rapidly is an exciting place to be. Driven by the desire to keep progressing and become more efficient, every single aspect of their operation is designed with innovation and improvement in mind. Verifile has seen this at first hand with the discount grocer Aldi.

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Helping LSBU save time and money with paperless DBS checks

LSBU is a cosmopolitan university with over 18,000 students drawn from over 130 countries. With the huge volume of students, post and undergraduate screening is a key focus.

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Virgin Money saves 2 FTEs by using Workpass

Right now, employees are changing jobs at an unprecedented rate. This means HR teams are under enormous pressure to retain and recruit staff while being bombarded with reference requests.

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