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Helping LSBU save time and money with paperless DBS checks

Key Outcomes

  • LSBU now has a paperless, fully-compliant background screening process
  • The streamlined system saves time, money, and resources
  • LSBU gets ongoing guidance and support from their trusted screening partner
  • API integration ensures the screening process operates with maximum efficiency


To create an efficient, compliance-focused process for staff, student, and stakeholder DBS checks.

LSBU’s most pressing aim was to improve compliance within their recruitment and vetting functions. They needed a more automated and compliance-focused solution, especially with regards to Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, not only for staff, but also for students studying for Health and Social Care qualifications, and for volunteers, ambassadors, and sports coaches too. 

Although a screening service was already in place, it required manual work which inevitably made the screening prone to errors and delays. Gaining support from such a wide range of LSBU stakeholders for the implementation of a new platform and service partner was essential. 

An additional challenge was to ensure that students currently undergoing or about to submit DBS checks were not disadvantaged during any transition to a new screening platform. With this being a procurement-led exercise, getting a great commercial deal was naturally also a key consideration.


Verifile provided a bespoke onboarding plan to address each team’s unique circumstances. 

Having reviewed the credentials and offerings of each of the CPC’s assured suppliers, Verifile was invited to meet with stakeholders at the LSBU campus to demonstrate the platform and to discuss and analyse each of the team’s requirements in detail. Satisfied that all desired benefits would be achieved, LSBU simply used the CPC framework’s call-off terms to procure Verifile’s services.  

A bespoke onboarding plan was built to address each of the LSBU teams’ individual specifications. Onboarding was fast and simple and completed in phases, to ensure that each team adopted the processes easily, confident that ongoing checks would not be disrupted while transitioning over to the new service. 

Why the CPC process and Verifile?

As a member of the Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC), LSBU contacted CPC directly for support. CPC advised LSBU that they have a market-leading framework agreement for Employee Screening Services providing members access to a comprehensive solution designed to cover all background screening service requirements.  The framework is recommended by the Department for Education (DfE) to schools and academies and provides access to services at excellent rates without the need to complete a resource-heavy tender process.   

Verifile is one of CPC’s four fully-assured suppliers on the Employee Screening framework. As an Umbrella Body of both the Disclosure and Barring Service in England and Wales and of Disclosure Scotland, as well as a Registered Body for Access NI, Verifile offers provision across the UK. Uniquely, Verifile also provides a UK-based service offering that enables the background screening of students or staff from every corner of the globe.  

LSBU greatly appreciated that Verifile’s proprietary platform was automated, and that the solution was entirely paperless. This enabled an easier, faster, and more cost-effective solution. Crucially, LSBU were also left in no doubt that Verifile’s methodology ensures end-to-end compliance. 

The LSBU team also welcomed the hands-on support that the Verifile team provided and the time taken during the complimentary training session to ensure that each of the LSBU users understood the features and benefits of the Verifile system, as well as the simple placing and tracking of orders. 


A paperless, fully-compliant screening process that saves LSBU time and money.

London South Bank University now has a paperless, and fully compliant process that all departments can follow. Cost savings both commercially and practically in terms of the team’s resources and time have been achieved. The HR teams now have a screening partner who is by their side providing guidance, support, and practical assistance whenever they need. LSBU is also fully integrated with the Verifile system via API delivering even greater efficiency and providing further benefits as the partnership grows.

The benefits of partnering with CPC & Verifile include:

  • No protracted tender process required
  • Exclusive rates for highest-quality service 
  • Market-leading turnaround times 
  • Fully compliant service with expert support and guidance
  • Paperless and automated approach with in-built validations to eradicate errors 
  • Access to over 3,500 checks in 251 countries and jurisdictions – experts in screening international applicants
  • ISO 9001, 14001, 22301, and 27001 certified
  • Cyber Essentials Plus (CE+) and NSI Gold accreditations
  • Flexible approach with bespoke solutions  
  • Dashboard and API integrations

Do you need to streamline your background screening processes? 

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