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Virgin Money saves 2 FTEs by using Workpass

For over 10 years, Virgin Money has trusted Workpass to handle its reference and income verification enquiries. This means the HR team has been spared the burden of dealing with increasing numbers of requests and can focus instead on tasks that directly benefit the business.


  • Workpass handles Virgin Money’s 1000+ reference requests p.a., releasing 2 FTEs.
  • The HR team is free to focus on recruitment, retention and other crucial HR tasks that benefit their business, rather than their competitors.
  • All requests are handled securely and efficiently. There’s no room for human error when dealing with personal details.


A never-ending backlog of reference requests is a huge drain on HR resource.

Virgin Money receives 1000+ reference requests a year. Before they started using Workpass, the HR team handled these requests manually. It felt like a never-ending task. Just as they got through the backlog, more would arrive. 

While the team recognised the importance of these requests for their colleagues who needed a reference to secure their new job or home, they were taking time away from tasks that directly benefited the business. 
Aileen Boyd, Virgin Money’s Colleague Change Manager explained,

“Doing the reference requests manually was a huge drain on the team, and took us off more important tasks that we needed to focus on. It was a sigh of relief when we started using Workpass. We’d never think about being without it.”

Workpass: A compliant & secure solution for employment and income verification.

Following a rigorous process, Virgin Money selected Workpass, a market-leading employment and income verification service created by Verifile, to manage all their requests.
Workpass proved to be quick and easy to use. The team at Virgin Money simply upload a file once a month. When they receive a request, after a quick check to make sure the individual is an ex-colleague, they send a standard email to direct the requester to Workpass. While there are still a few companies that require a direct response, the vast majority of requests are now handled using Workpass. 

“Rather than spending time dealing with reference requests we can concentrate on value-added tasks that bring benefits to colleagues, to people leaders, and to ourselves.”


Workpass releases the HR Team to focus on value-added tasks – plus they have peace of mind knowing reference requests are managed efficiently.

Alison Oswald, Colleague Change Team Lead, estimates Workpass saves Virgin Money two FTEs. 
Thanks to Workpass they no longer waste time on a task that mainly benefits their competitors and other companies. 

Plus, they know both references and income verification requests from mortgage lenders and landlords are dealt with efficiently. 

Workpass also saves the team time handling bespoke references for senior colleagues.  
Security is a prime consideration when dealing with personal details. Workpass is secured by the same certifications and accreditations as the parent company, Verifile and the requester needs to know the individual's NI number in order to use the system. As a unique identifier, this is the most secure option.

“If we were doing reference requests in house, there are times when they might get left in order to pick up more urgent tasks – we’d have a backlog building and people chasing. It’s a relief to know we have Workpass taking care of it all. It’s a comfort and a security.”

Alison and Aileen are keen to encourage as many businesses as possible to use Workpass in order to speed up recruitment and onboarding processes.

“If everybody signed up to Workpass, how great would that be? All the data is there. Whoever needs it can go in and get it quickly. That's utopia!”

Ready to stop wasting HR time on reference and income verification requests? 

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