Want to stop being a Background Screener? Are you too busy to take on new clients? Do you have clients you can't support?

Sometimes you need to find a new home for your Background Screening clients, and we'd like to be the home you choose. We're interested in all Background Screening clients and leads and from anywhere in the world

We'll pay you a generous fee for each client that you refer to us and we'll make the transition easy for you, and your clients, by providing expert support while they move to our service.

Contact us today if any of these apply to you:

  • You are closing your Background Screening business and need a home for your clients
  • You realised that providing Background Screening services is distracting you from your core business 
  • You're too busy to take on new clients but keep getting messages from potential clients
  • You have clients who you can't support for any reason

We pay the best prices for:

  • Entire Background Screening client bases
  • Clients you no longer have time to support
  • Leads / potential clients who you're unable to support for whatever reason

Contact us now to discuss selling your Background Screening clients

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