Instant Checks

Feeling the need for speed?

When it comes to background screening, you are typically faced with a delicate balancing act. 

You're often under pressure to bring an identified candidate into the business quickly. This may be because there’s an urgent need for that particular person’s skills or for a vacancy to be filled (to cope with project work or seasonal demands, for example).

In an increasingly competitive talent market, there’s also the fear of losing a talented individual to a competitor if the recruitment and onboarding process takes too long.

Set against this urgency is the need to mitigate recruitment risk as much as possible; the risk of hiring the wrong person – the bad apple; the person who isn’t all they claim to be; the person who will cause you to breach industry regulations or who might commit criminal activity while employed by you, and damage your brand.

That’s why so much is written about turnaround times in the industry; the length of time it takes (or should take) to complete a full package of background checks.

We don’t tend to get too involved with that discussion. After all, it’s increasingly becoming a redundant discussion when so many of the checks we offer can be requested on an instant basis. 

The reason we can do this is because we continue to invest significant amounts of time and money into integrating directly with the data sources these checks draw upon.

Where there is no third party, no middle man and no manual element to the process, checks can be submitted immediately and, in many cases, the results retrieved just as quickly. 

Currently, we offer the following with immediate results:

In addition, Criminal Record Checks, via the DBS and Disclosure Scotland, are fully automated and most come back within hours. 

For some clients, such as financial organisations looking to screen potential new customers, the results of these checks are all they require to start onboarding a new customer.