Comply with employment regulations

At Verifile, we’re committed to ensuring that you remain compliant with whatever rules, procedures and regulations exist within your company or industry, governing how you recruit; who you recruit; and the lengths you’re expected to go to in establishing whether a candidate is suitable or not. 

Presented with a set of screening proposals that we feel are not appropriate to meet your compliance requirements, we’ll say so – and then we’ll demonstrate how we could build a deeper, more fit-for-purpose process for you.  

We see this as a partnership arrangement, working together to make sure your recruitment activities are compliant and that your business is as well protected as it possibly can be from every aspect of recruitment risk. That requires a strong and flexible working relationship; something we look to build from day one.

The analysts we employ to do this, understand the people-related risks that face your business. They’re experts in probing and interpreting the data that your screening policy generates, constantly questioning and investigating it in more depth, and then guiding you through the complex outputs. And even when presented with a set of rules and regulations that they haven’t dealt with previously, you can rest assured that they’ll still be able to translate that into an effective screening process for you.

The data they work with is drawn directly from hundreds of different data sources from around the world. To ensure it meets our high quality expectations, we run extensive tests to check its validity, accuracy and integrity before we begin to use it with clients.

Working directly with the data source in this way, rather than through a third party provider, allows us to understand the data better. It also means we know exactly what we’re getting; we understand the best ways for submitting information requests; we have quicker turnaround times; and we benefit from cost savings, which are passed on to our clients.  

By combining our comprehensive data portfolio with our experienced analysts’ screening expertise, we’ll make sure you’re compliant within all your recruitment activities.