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December 6 2023

Announcing Our Partnership with HR Ninjas – Elevating Background Screening Standards

Verifile is delighted to announce our newest partnership with HR Ninjas, the UK’s most vibrant online community for HR professionals. This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to raising the bar in the world of background screening. We aim to achieve this by promoting compliance, best practice methodology, and enhanced user experience. 

The HR Ninjas Community

HR Ninjas is renowned for its dynamic and extensive network of over 30,000 HR professionals. Starting as a small group of 30 members in 2017, they have grown into the UK's largest free HR community, offering invaluable resources such as a highly engaged Facebook Community Group where HR professionals can connect and get support, free HR job postings, and a Jobs Club that connects HR professionals directly with employers.


Verifile’s Expertise in the Partnership

As the new subject matter expert for background screening within the HR Ninjas community, the Verifile team is excited to bring our specialised knowledge and services to a broader audience. Our partnership is geared towards empowering HR professionals with the insights needed for effective employee verification.

The Critical Role of Background Screening

Today, thorough background screening is essential for mitigating insider risks and workplace safety issues such as violence, bullying and harassment, as well as safeguarding reputations and facilitating productivity. Our collaboration with HR Ninjas underscores our mutual commitment to enhancing recruitment processes by providing data that enables companies to make informed hiring decisions.
At Verifile we are committed to providing precise and accurate data analysis, conducted with thorough investigative rigour. Despite our focus on data precision, we are proud of our human-centric approach, understanding the significant impact of the recruitment process on both candidates and employers. We offer global, premium service with a strong emphasis on human interaction and support.

Advantages for HR Professionals

This partnership offers HR Ninjas’ members direct access to Verifile’s extensive background screening expertise. 

If you’re not part of the HR Ninjas community yet, we invite you to apply to join and gain access to these exclusive benefits and resources. We’ll see you there!